Capitalising on the information and creation of a shared body of technical and regulatory references and benchmark experiences

Design of the Transnational Strategic Framework for the management of natural hazards

The objective of this GT is to jointly define a framework document that integrates operational and strategic recommendations for each core focus, based on the results obtained in GT1 and applicable to the mountain areas of the SUDOE territory. It will be a core document implemented through the GT3 Action Plans for prevention and management of natural hazards (testing and development).

The document will take into account the specificities of the SUDOE mountain territories based on the experiences and knowledge of the project partners and associates.

The Transnational Strategic Framework (A2.1) will be enriched with the knowledge acquired through the GT3 pilot cases, so that it can be tested on the ground with practical cases and at different stages of implementation.

Design and implementation (testing and development) of common Action Plans for prevention and management of natural hazards

Action plans will be developed based on the Strategic Framework defined in A2.1, which will be tested in several territories (A3.1). They will define the guidelines to improve resilience to each hazard, with special emphasis on governance and monitoring of the process. The plans will be validated and/or improved through pilot trials (A3.2).

Appropriation and Transferability

This GT aims for the transfer of the results to the key actors in the design and implementation of the  policies of prevention and management of natural hazards in the SUDOE territories and their   reproducibility. For this purpose, a series of specific measures are proposed, which will be conveyed mainly through thematic seminars and field visits to the pilot cases.