Mon, 31/05/2021 - 10:53

The Valentin valley, located mainly in the Eaux-Bonnes area, is a zone regularly subjected to all kinds of natural hazards such as usually occurs in the mountains.

The first step of this pilot case of the MONTCLIMA project was the carrying out of a multi-hazard inventory made from avalanche reports, newspaper articles, archives and records, RTM/MTES event database and evidences or witness statements.

680 events have been registered over the last two centuries, among which 604 avalanches, 33 landslides and mudflows, 33 torrential events and 11 rockfalls.

This inventory was set out to the elected members of the Eaux-Bonnes district on April 6th 2021. In its part Cerema ( provided facts relating to a procedure of resilience on a particular territory.

This work was highly welcomed by the district. The town council committed themselves to carry on the procedure which will progress as follows :

The project is aimed at accompanying the council in taking steps to locally and territorially withstand the natural risks in the mountains to share the stock of local knowledge and enlightening experiments as well as to set up a hierarchized, bearable process which nevertheless will have to be assessed when it comes to an end.

At a previous stage all the territorial participants – whether institutional, socioeconomic, elected, associative, etc… - will be rallied to work together throughout the project while proposing a plain and attractive chart.

A preparatory work will start with the analysis of the risks while taking into account the various types of phenomenon, the various stakes as well as the modes of prevention and management which the territory implemented in order to locate the most important vulnerabilities.

A first work group will make it possible to share this recording and make it evolve. Later on it will make the participants alive to a procedure of resilience to mountain risks and commit to it.

Then, starting from the definition of the most vulnerable elements, the work group will envisage the different levers to activate in order to set up a territory which is more resilient ro risks. Close of this prospective process the group will draw up a catalogue of the feasible steps that can be taken.

At last, the steps to be implemented will be hierarchized in space and time and retranscribed into an action scheme to improve the resilience of the territory of the Valentin Valley faced with natural risks.