dl., 05/09/2022 - 10:25

When ? Wednesday 21/09/2022 afternoon (in meeting room) & Thursday 22/09/2022 morning (in the field)

Where ? Andorra la Vella. Yomo Cèntric Hotel (Meritxell avenue 87-89).

Organised by: FORESPIR and Andorra Recerca + Innovació in the framework of the INTERREG SUDOE MONTCLIMA project


We are pleased to announce that the MONTCLIMA SUDOE project is organizing a transnational seminar on Strategies for torrential floods management and prevention in mountain areas that will take place in Andorra (Andorra la Vella) on 21 and 22 September 2022.

This transnational seminar will focus on sharing knowledge and experiences concerning good practices on:

Characterizing flood risk associated vulnerabilities and expected socio-economic impacts.

Reducing the vulnerability of property and people

Reducing the impact of the phenomenon


Registration will take place via this registration form. The event will be held in person and there will be no online participation option.  The Seminar will take place in Andorra. The event will be streamed on the youtube channel of the OPCC youtube channel.

Registration includes coffee break, dinner with poster session of the 21/09, coffee break and lunch on 22/09 and transport for the field visit scheduled on 22/09 morning.

Spanish, French and English simultaneous translation will be provided.

We look forward to meeting you and discussing this challenging topic with you!



Floods, storms and other hydro-meteorological events account for around two thirds of the damage costs of natural disasters, and these costs have increased since 1980, according to last EEA assessment of climate change impacts in Europe.

Warmer temperatures increase evaporation, putting more moisture into the atmosphere that then gets released as rain or snowfall. Researchers expect that, as the climate warms, flash floods will get “flashier,” meaning that the timing of the floods will could get shorter while the magnitude gets higher.

Mountain areas of south-western Europe are particularly susceptible to the potential increase of these hydrogeological phenomena. In addition, there are evident links in mountains areas between the others typical naturals risks of mountains areas which can exacerbate the negative effects of flash floods (forest fires, extreme rainfall, forest decay and soil erosion among others).

It is therefore essential to have the best tools available to characterize flood risk, taking into account climate change, to reduce the vulnerability of strategic infrastructures and, in general, to reduce the impact of these phenomena.



The aim of the conference, which is part of the INTERREG SUDOE MONTCLIMA project, is to provide information on existing local and international strategies and tools for hydro meteorological risk prevention and management.

In this line, a series of lectures are proposed in order to share knowledges and concretes experiences to improve the characterization of this type of torrential risks, to reduce the vulnerability of populations and strategic infrastructures, and to reduce the impact of these phenomena in mountain areas.



On the occasion of the dinner on 21/09, participants will have the possibility to present posters presenting actions carried out in relation to the torrential risk in the mountain areas.

You are involved in any interesting projects or initiatives along the lines of this seminar? You can also participate! How? Fill in the "POSTERS" form available here before 18/09/2022; we will edit and print it to display it during the event.

Register to participate here:  IN-PERSON ATTENDANCE

The PROGRAM is available here.