dj., 14/05/2020 - 14:23
Coordination Committee of the Sudoe-MONTCLIMA Project partners

On the 6th of April 2020, took place the second Coordination Committee of the Sudoe-MONTCLIMA Project partners. This time, and as consequence of the mobility limitations, the meeting was made in a virtual format. Despite the troubles caused by the Covid-19 context, all of the entity partners agents have participated in an active way: CTP-OPCC, CREAF, NEIKER, CESEFOR, CEREMA, FORESPIR, RTM-ONF, CIMO/IPB, COMUNIDADE INTERMUNICIPAL DA REGIÃO DE LEIRIA, CENMA.

The meeting had for purpose to share principal progresses and available information, to impulse in a coordinated way project’s products and establish main priorities for the next 6 months in relation with the main actions: Capitalization, Strategic Framework, Action Plan and pilot experiment, Follow-up and Evaluation. A time was dedicated to analyze in a joint way the impact on the project of the health crisis that is living Europe and to debate on how to establish a contingence framework that guarantees the project viability.

As meeting results that will allow to adapt the project execution better, it should be stressed : the formation of Work Groups to launch priority actions, share and reduce doubts about the financial management and the clothing compromise of the expense declaration of the year 2019; and finally, the approbation of a baseline document for the organization of Action 4 Seminars (Transferability), established by the CTP and CREAF, and in which is expressed the new Seminars execution calendar more adapted to the actual circumstances (COVID19) including additional  6 months margin for its execution. Consequently, the seminar planned in Soria for May 2020 is rescheduled to October 2020; and the one planned in Leiria is rescheduled to February 2021, meanwhile the ending Seminar in Toulouse is planned for May 2022.